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Idd-El-Fitr At Disappearing Bujagali Falls

GrandEscapades-Uganda-184Many Muslim families from Kampala, Jinja, and as far as Kenya used this holiday, which ends the fasting month of Ramadan, to visit Bujagali Falls. Dressed up the nine, they all were posing in front of the falls to have their photos taken. Many asked us to join in and happily accepted our offer to send the pictures via eMail. A bible yielding group with a preacher and a lot of Asians was less pleasant. Angrily they demanded to delete the photos we had taken. We simply ignored their aggressive behavior. Was it a secret sect?

GrandEscapades-Uganda-183The festive atmosphere and the fact that by October 2011, Bujagali Falls will cease to exist made this a very special visit. This beautiful sight will indeed be submerged by the backwater of the new dam constructed about one kilometer downstream. Like Ripon Falls near Jinja, when Owen Dam drowned the very Source of the Nile in 1947…

GrandEscapades-Uganda-185A couple of young local kayakers entertained the visitors by whirling through the falls making all sorts of stunts. All this for a little tip! Our elated mood made us agree to an unspectacular boat trip to small islands and different rapids. Tempted by the sad fact that we never will be able to do this again… By October 2011, all these little islands will be gone, flooded by the new dam.


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