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Ayutthaya & Chiang Mai – A Few Glimpses Of Thailand’s Grand History

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand offers one of the most remarkable cultural heritages in the world, remains of a grand history and a powerful civilization that shaped Southeast Asia. Two of the places where you can dive into this glorious past are Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai.

Both are highly popular places, and it is at times challenging to escape large crowds of organized tours. It is nonetheless possible to partly do so and have a pleasant experience at both places. Continue Reading →

Thailand’s World Famous Beaches – Discovering Koh Lanta & Railay Beach

Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Thailand is famous for its stunning beaches and islands, and most of them are not exactly a hidden secret… It is even partly mass tourism at its worst! Nonetheless, you can still have an enjoyable time there, relaxing after discovering other parts of Thailand or even of Southeast Asia. My personal experience showed both sides: when Koh Lanta was actually a pleasant moment, Railay Beach proved to be one of the worst places I ever visited in my life. Continue Reading →

Bangkok – The Gateway To Thailand

Wat Phra Kaew or Grand Palace, Bangkok

When visiting Thailand, you will most likely arrive and / or leave from Bangkok. I arrived and left the country from this tentacular city of 15 millions. Bangkok definitely deserves a few days, though distances between points of interest, the heavy traffic and hence the high travel times make it challenging for first time visitors to really enjoy the capital of Thailand.

Continue Reading →

Grand Escapades’ Budget Guide To Thailand

A Perfect Place To Splurge A Little

Sunset at the Tew Lay Bar, Railey Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Type Of Travel

This trip to Thailand was definitely different: instead of a backpacking or “flashpacking” type of travel, it was more a mid-range to upper mid-range holiday, with comfortable hotels, convenient transports and lots of nice activities like almost one massage a day or scuba diving.

The budget displayed bellow has hence little to do with the one of a backpacker, but shows that you can splurge for a very reasonable price. Continue Reading →

East Meets West

Strange neighbors: Bangkok’s Red Light District & Little Arabia

Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok's Red Light District - "Want a massage, Sir"?

Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok’s Red Light District – “Want a massage, Sir”?

Bangkok’s famous red light district, bars full of western men and Thai ladies, is just off Sukhumvit Road, in the upper area of Soi 4. Ironically, this naughty industry borders directly on “Little Arabia” in Soi 3. The shops, hotels and restaurants there are almost exclusively frequented by the many tourists from Islamic countries. The majority seems to be from the Gulf States though. For whatever reason, many stay in the hotels and apartments blocks on Soi 4. So every day ladies covered in black from head to toe, usually accompanied by a male, shuffle past go-go bars and the clientele / staff that comes with such businesses. Continue Reading →

Bangkok’s Attractions Are Diverse

Grand Palace, that had just been restorated, Bangkok, Thailand

Grand Palace, that had just been restorated, Bangkok, Thailand

Various people come to Bangkok for a mixture of reasons. For most, it is the start or end of a holiday on one of Thailand exotic islands with its unrivaled beaches. During this short period in town most people do a bit of sightseeing and some serious shopping in the numerous shopping centers or markets. Continue Reading →

Limited Sightseeing in Bangkok

Grand Palace, that had just been restorated, Bangkok, Thailand

Grand Palace, that had just been restorated, Bangkok, Thailand

After four days of strolling through shopping centers, markets, appointments with tailors, we thought it was time for some sightseeing in Bangkok. Not that we were not interested in seeing various Wats or more outdoor markets, but it was simply too hot! Continue Reading →