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Stock Image Agencies

Gilles in Kashan, Iran

Gilles in Kashan, Iran

What is Stock Photography?

Stock photography is the business of licensing pictures and granting someone else the right to use it for a defined and delimited purpose. The most important point is that the photographer does not sell the property rights and remains the only owner of the image – which means he can still use or sell the same pictures for other purposes. Continue Reading →

Microstock Or Not Microstock – That Is (Not) The Question…

Gilles & Yann spoting Ladakhi wildlife, Tso Kar, Ladakh, Indi

Gilles & Yann spoting Ladakhi wildlife, Tso Kar, Ladakh

What is Microstock?

Microstock Agencies are Stock Agencies that:

  1. Source their images exclusively via the Internet,
  2. Accept pictures from a wider range of photographers than the traditional Stock Agencies (including Amateurs)
  3. Sell the pictures at very low rates (generally less than 1 or 2 USD for a royalty-free image).

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Selling Pictures Directly?

Malawean Kwachas - Approx. 280 €

Malawean Kwachas – Approx. 280 €

Selling pictures directly is surely the most time consuming, but also probably the most profitable and rewarding way of monetizing your pictures. We had no time to do this in the past, but will definitely go in this direction in the future!