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Asia & South America: The Cheapest Continents to Travel

Malawean Kwachas - Approx. 280 €

Malawean Kwachas – Approx. 280 €

Of course, the type of travel and hence the level of comfort I chose clearly impacted my Travel Budget. And since I do not always Backpack or “Flashpack” but sometimes travel “Mid-Range” or even go on local Tours when there is no other efficient option, average expenditures should always be seen in a context. This is why further bellow, you find a detailed Budget Breakdown for each of my trips and a link to the Budget Guide I made for each of those trips and for each country. Continue Reading →

Key Elements That Impact Your Travel Budget

Not Matter If You Are On A Long Term Travel Or On A Short Trip…


Zimbabwean Dollars… The biggest note was 100 Trillion Dollars!

The most frequently asked question about my travels, no matter if it is a single short trip or one of my Years Off (Round The World in 2007 – 2008 or Sabbatical in 2014 – 2015), is “How much does / did it cost?” and eventually “How can you afford it?”, but basically, both questioned are linked in my opinion… Continue Reading →

Money Matters – Cash @ Low Cost!

Ugandan Shillings (approx. 700 Euros)

Ugandan Shillings (approx. 700 Euros)

Fees to access local currencies can turn into an expensive affair. These costs can be as low as 3% to 5% of your total expenditures, but also reach a mind-blowing 10 to 12% if you are not well prepared, like us in Malawi in 2014! We did not bring enough cash and we had all kinds of cards but not a VISA.

So have a very close look at this aspect, as we are talking about serious money there. For example, take a budget of 15.000 €: it can mean as little as 450 to 750 € in total or as much as… 1.800 €! Continue Reading →