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Bangkok’s Attractions Are Diverse

Grand Palace, that had just been restorated, Bangkok, Thailand

Grand Palace, that had just been restorated, Bangkok, Thailand

Various people come to Bangkok for a mixture of reasons. For most, it is the start or end of a holiday on one of Thailand exotic islands with its unrivaled beaches. During this short period in town most people do a bit of sightseeing and some serious shopping in the numerous shopping centers or markets.

Bangkok is also famous for it high standards in medical care. There is a dental clinic that is world famous and people travel here to get caps etc… for 50 % of what it would be in Europe. The other kind of “repair work” that the city’s clinics are famous for is plastic surgery, often combined with a short stay in a wellness hotel.

Of course, there are many who come to seek “company” in one of the many bars. More about that under “East meets West”…

For others it is work, we guess there is no other city in Southeast Asia with more expatriates than here. One of them even published a book for newly arriving ones, which is quite funny to read. The jobs cover a wide spectrum, but a lot involve teaching. We met a few people in our hotel who do business with Thai companies and they told us that it was very easy, reliable and professional.

By no means do we claim that this list is complete. We simply mentioned what we personally witnessed or what people told us.


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