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A Shaking Affair: Yangon’s Circle Line


Yangon’ Circle Line, Myanmar

Have you ever taken a 3 hour train ride arriving precisely where you started off? Being twirled around like laundry during the spin cycle? If not, take the Circle Line in Yangon and do the whole loop, for as little as 300 Kyats or 0,25 Euro. This commuter train takes you to neighborhoods in the north of the city, where you feel like being in the countryside rather than in a capital city.

Some odd tourists may be spotted close to the city center, otherwise we were the only foreigners on the rattling train. Yes, people looked at us wide eyed, especially when Gilles hung out the open door taking pictures…

Don’t mistake this train for some kind of antiquated subway. It also serves as transport for all kinds of goods: vegetables and fruits in large bags; flowers in large bundles; huge bags of empty bottles; only animals we didn’t see…


Yangon’s Circle Line, Myanmar

Hungry? Fancy some salad or vegetable samosas? Not need to get down the train… Local women hop on and off with all kind of food… No chance to wash your hands before munching away? Don’t you worry! Food is cut into pieces, put into small plastic bags and handed over together with two small chopsticks. Ready to enjoy an excellent, freshly prepared and very cheap meal?


Yangon’s Circle Line, Myanmar

Do not expect any touristic highlights. This excursion is just about checking into the life of commuters in Yangon. Very well worth a few hours, no matter how tight your schedule might be…


Yangon’s Circle Line, Myanmar

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2 Responses to A Shaking Affair: Yangon’s Circle Line

  1. Ryan Biddulph 1. February 2015 at 2:09 #

    Heidi and Gilles I love it! Reminds me of the 17 hour train ride we took in Vietnam, from HCM City to Danang. Women rolled up with straight up restaurants lol 🙂 Awesome experience as we had access to warm, wholesome, home-made meals, popcorn, sweet treats, and heck, all you could imagine. And of course all grub was on the cheap. Way cool experience guys. If we visit Myanmar we’ll give this a whirl.

    Keep on inspiring Heidi and Gilles!


    • Gilles Barbier 1. February 2015 at 6:32 #

      Hi Ryan,
      Obviously the diversity of food was not that amazing as what you describe / experienced in Vietnam!
      But it was good. Wish I had bought more…
      Yes, I think this is a great experience in Yangon, quite different from the main tourist attractions
      Cheers, Gilles