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Riding The Train To Kashan

Highly Modern Trains in Iran

Highly Modern Trains in Iran

It is the journey that matters. Our train ride from Yazd to Kashan was just so very pleasant! Already when boarding the train in Yazd it was clear that this would be a superb experience. Helpful staff took us to our seat and helped with the bags. The carriage itself was very comfortable and the service exceptional. Tea and coffee was serviced, sweets and sandwiches, newspapers (in Farsi) waited in your seat and everybody was extremely friendly. We were the only non-Iranian on the train and our travel companions found our presence quite surprising.

Iran-156Arriving in Kashan at night was a bit spooky – The train station was deserted, no taxis anywhere to be seen. The few Iranians that got off (the train was Teheran bound) had pre-arranged a pickup. But again, Iranian hospitality kicked in. One of the gentlemen, who picked up his friend, phoned for a cab and waited with us to be sure we were taken care of. We could not really communicate that much but we think he tried to explain that he lived opposite of where we were going, otherwise he would have take us.

Next bummer, the hotel we had fancied was booked. Again, no problem! The staff walked us to a nearby hotel that was almost as comfortable, Negin Guesthouse.


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