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On The Dark Side Of Life

Lake Bunyonyi - More than 20 islands dot this supposedly 2.000 meter deep lake

Lake Bunyonyi – More than 20 islands dot this supposedly 2.000 meter deep lake

Hell broke loose around evening on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi: thunder, lightening and torrential rain. Minutes later the electricity went down. The generator only served the restaurant. The rooms were pitch-dark. It got so cold you could see your own breath. So we crawled into bed with our headlamps only to discover a leak in the roof of our room. Feeling sorry for ourselves, we soon remembered the villagers in their canoes returning home from the local market. They were paddling across the lake exposed to this horrible weather.

Next morning the blackout continued. Heidi urgently needed to send an eMail, so we figured Kabale, the provincial capital, was our best option. An Internet café desperately tried to get the shop going with a generator, making sending a single eMail a roller coaster ride.

Again, our nagging about these inconveniences was soon put into perspective. The dirt road to Lake Bunyonyi was blocked by a truck that had lost its loads of huge logs. About 20 guys in bright yellow short and shirts desperately tried to get them back up with their bare hands. Prisoners, our driver whispered. As soon as they had the logs back on the truck, they slid off again. Miraculously, nobody was hurt. The day before, a young woman was less fortunate: she was killed almost exactly at the same spot when a completely overloaded Toyota taxi rolled over.

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