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Muscat Alien Arrival

Street in Muscat, Sultanat of Oman, Arabic Peninsula

Street in Muscat

A lavishly decorated Xmas tree greeted us at Muscat Airport at 02:00 am. We found this rather irritating! Didn’t we come to Oman to get away from exactly this? And now, the same ole “Jingle Bells” ambience?

Minutes later nothing was the same. As the door opened into the arrival hall, we stared into a couple hundred faces, all male. Pakistanis, as our taxi driver later explained, picking up friend arriving on the plane from Karachi. He could not resist pointing out a big difference between him and them: Pakistanis pick up arriving passengers in large groups.

The next piece of information got us worried. Three cruise ships were docking at Muscat harbor that morning spewing 9.000 “crusaders” into the Old City. Maybe a perfect day to go scuba diving?


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