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Meeting The Locals in Iran

In Teheran, IranIranian friends in Vienna had arranged a meeting with Sasha and Mahse, a young couple who lives outside of Teheran, making a living by selling compost they produce and giving yoga lessons. Together we visited the National Jewel Museum where the many foreign tourists truly stunned them. They were not aware that tourism had arrived back in Iran. It was a great day that ended with a superb dinner in the home of Sasha’s sister. Sasha and Mahse both studied in India and definitely represent the very secular Iran. We truly hope to meet them again.

, Teheran, IranAnother unforgettable outing was to Milad Tower with Bahareh and her brother. We met them and their parents in our guesthouse in Yazd. Bahareh lives in Ireland, her parents and brother in Teheran. It was such a lovely family that we got in touch with them once we arrived in Teheran.

Our meeting point was Milad Tower, Teheran’s latest and trendiest landmark. On our map it looked close to our hotel but of course it wasn’t. Being used the dimensions of Vienna we had completely underestimated the traveling time, took the wrong metro, got stuck in a traffic jam after changing to a taxi. But the two of them patiently waited 45 minutes for us to finally get there.

It certainly was worth all the trouble. The tower itself is stunning, the shops, the architecture inside and the artists displaying their work. But most breathtaking is the view of Teheran from the outdoor platform. As far as you could see was a maze of lights and roads cutting through this city of 15 millions. Awesome!

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