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Gourmet Food And A Bit Of Safari Feel

Sunset over Mountain of the Moon Lodge, Fort Portal, North Uganda, Africa

Sunset over Mountain of the Moon Lodge, Fort Portal, North Uganda, Africa

Not only chimps find yummy food in Kibale, also the visiting tourists. As soon as we arrived at the Kibale Forest Camp, the dinner menu was cited to us and our taste buds jumped in action, only to be forced to wait another couple of hours. These can be spent following a short walk around the camp or listening to the singing of the village children. The chef’s creations at the Kibale Forest Camp will not be forgotten, especially the chocolate cake, our first sweet dish in Uganda. In the nicely decorated restaurant, a large Belgium family celebrated the birthday of one of their many children. It meant more cake for us, when the staff surprised the happy teenager with a big cake and a cheerful “Happy Birthday”.

The content tourists then retreat to their comfy safari tents with real bathrooms attached. Hot shower on demand is a rather cool system used in Uganda. A bucket of warm water is carried up a ladder next to the outside bathroom, poured into the container high up and all you need to do is turn on the tap.

Nights are best! All you hear is bird calls and the noises from the forest. We tried not to fall asleep to cherish the moment. The whole camp is really eco: the toilets, the solar panels, the construction material, which comes from the surrounding region. Fertile is a crass understatement: vast bananas groves, pine trees, tea plantations, eucalyptus trees, coffee, cassava and potato fields, you name it… Actually, this last sentence could be repeated and repeated!


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