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Gilles – Swimming Pool Or Battambang?


Golden Banana Guesthouse, Siem Reap

The original plan was to take a boat to Battambang from Siem Reap before heading to Bangkok. But after a whole week of visiting temples, I grew weary and just wanted to enjoy the most pleasant swimming pool of the Golden Banana Hotel and the greatest luxury there is: just do nothing for a couple of days! This was especially true since I was slowly realizing that I would be back to work in only three weeks…

“You wimp!”, snapped Heidi when I told her I would skip Battambang and just stay at the Golden Banana two more nights before jumping on a plane to Bangkok. “Yes, and proud of it!” was my answer.

Of course, Heidi decided to do it the hard way: she would take the boat to Battambang, a seven hour trip. Then she plans to visit the city & its surroundings and on the following day take a bus to Bangkok, a torturous 8 to 10 hour trip, some of it on a horrible road.

Well, I do not regret my decision. It is so nice to stop and just do nothing for a few days. We definitely should have done that more often!

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