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Grand Escapades’ Budget Guide To Cambodia

Transport Costs Will Be The Key

Type Of Travel

Floating Village of Kompong Luong, on the Tonle Sap, Cambodia

Floating Village of Kompong Luong, on the Tonle Sap

Our two trips to Cambodia could not have been more different from each other. In July 2008, we were on a Round The World Trip (one year), and therefore on a somewhat tight budget (between Backpacking and Flashpacking). However, since Cambodia was the last country we visited, we treated ourselves to better hotels and hardly ever ate at the markets as we used to do in other countries.

In December 2014, Gilles accompanied his father on his “Bucket List Trip”, which meant a pleasant mid-range type of travel. We rented a car with driver in and around Siem Reap, which significantly increased costs. Naturally, the costs for the trip in 2014 were considerably higher…

Itinerary & Time Of The Visit

In July 2008, we crossed the border from Laos on foot and checked out mainly Phnom Penh and of course Siem Reap, where we spent one week exploring many Angkor Temples. We finally crossed Tonlé Sap to Battambang before heading overland to Thailand.

In December 2014, we first spent one week in Siem Reap to see the most famous and the more remote temples of Angkor. We then made a 10 day loop through the Northwest of Cambodia, where we were mostly the only tourists. The common trip ended with several days in Phnom Penh, before Gilles headed alone to Kampot & Kep on the Coast and finally to Vietnam.

Global Budget

The means of transport you choose in Cambodia will influence your expenses a great deal, to a greater extent than in neighboring countries for example – Undeniable, when comparing our two trips!

Costs per Person per Day in € 2008 2014
Long Distances’ Transport €  1,30 € 16,70
Short Distances’ Transport €  1,10 € 6,10
Total Transport €  2,40 € 22,80
Hotels €  9,00 € 19,70
Restaurants & Food € 13,20 € 11,60
Drinks & Going Out N.A. €  4,40
Every Day Life (& Souvenirs) €  3,00 €  3,30
Total Living € 25,20 € 39,00
Visits & Tours €  7,90 € 12,20
Activities € 0,00 €  5,60
Total Tours & Activities €  7,90 € 17,80
Total Country: € 35,50 € 79,60

Hostels & Hotels

If you upgrade to Mid-Range Guesthouses, the price climbs naturally, but less than in other countries – In terms of accommodation, Cambodia is extremely cheap: we actually never paid more than 20 € except in Siem Reap!

Three hostels or guesthouses certainly deserve being mentioned here:

  • And last but not least, Botanica Guesthouse (Kep) – this was definitely one of the best accommodations (guesthouse) we have ever stayed in! It will definitely find its way into our top 5 worldwide!
  • The Golden Banana (Siem Reap) – even though they have significantly increased prices, this place still is an oasis of quietness, THE place to relax in Siem Reap for a reasonable price.
  • 88 Backpackers (Phnom Penh) – this is definitely a hostel that we will positively remember, for the great rooms and the very nice common area with a nice swimming pool
Hostel / Hotel
Type of
Type of Room Price /
Night (€)
Evaluation(1 to 5 stars)
Kratie Santepheap Hotel Hotel Double Room 10,00 N.A.
Phnom Penh Pho Paris Hotel Hotel Double Room 14,00 N.A.
Siem Reap Golden Banana Bed & Breakfast Guesthouse Double Room 16,45 *****
Total Cambodia 15,90  
Hostel / Hotel
Type of
Type of Room Price /
Night (€)
Evaluation(1 to 5 stars)
Siem Reap Golden Banana Superior Hotel Hotel Single Room 35,00 *****
Sambor Prei Kuk Isanborei HomeStay Home Stay Home Stay 5,00 ***
Sra’Aem Sok San Guesthouse Guesthouse Single Room 12,50 *
Samraong Oddam Rotha Guesthouse Hotel Single Room 10,83 ***
Banteay Chhmar Banteay Chhmar Community Home Stay Home Stay 5,83 ***
Battambang Battambang My Homestay Guesthouse Single Room 17,92 ****
Phnom Penh 88 Backpackers Hostel Hostel Single Room 19,17 *****
Kampot Magic Sponge Hostel Single Room 10,00 ***
Kep Botanica Gueshouse Guesthouse Single Room 16,92 *****
Total Cambodia 20,05

Restaurants & Food

Food is not as cheap in Cambodia as it can be in its neighboring countries (like Laos & Vietnam). Especially international cuisine will weight on your budget. For the mid-range type if travel, it is quite cheap, though.

City Restaurant
Type of Meal Type of
Food (€)
(1 to 5 Stars)
Siem Reap The Red Piano Dinner Tourist Restaurant 5,63 ***
Siem Reap Rumbuol Angkor Restaurant Lunch Tourist Restaurant 5,42 **
Siem Reap Damnak Meas Dinner Food Stall 4,38 ***
Siem Reap Food Stall (Angkor Wat) Lunch Food Stall 2,50 ***
Siem Reap Cafe Latino Dinner Tourist Restaurant 5,83 ****
Koh Ker Food Stall Lunch Food Stall 4,17 ****
Siem Reap Golden Banana Lunch Hotel 3,75 ****
Siem Reap Golden Banana Dinner Hotel 3,54 ****
Sambor Pre Kuk Community Restaurant Lunch Home Stay 4,17 ***
Sambor Pre Kuk Home Stay Dinner Home Stay 2,92 ****
Sambor Pre Kuk Home Stay Breakfast Home Stay 2,50 ****
Tbeng Meanchey Food Stall Lunch Food Stall 2,92 ***
Sra’Aem Hotel (Unknown) Dinner Hotel 4,17 **
Banteay Chhmar Home Stay Lunch Home Stay 3,33 ****
Banteay Chhmar Home Stay Dinner Home Stay 3,33 *****
Battambang Khmer Delight Dinner Restaurant 4,17 ****
Battambang Madison Corner Lunch Restaurant 4,79 ***
Phnom Penh 88 Backpackers Dinner Hotel 3,23 ***
Phnom Penh 88 Backpackers Lunch Hotel 3,75 ***
Phnom Penh Friends Lunch Restaurant 9,17 ****
Phnom Penh Tepui Dinner Restaurant 47,08 *****
Kampot Oh Neils Dinner Bar 3,33 ****
Kampot The Magic Sponge Dinner Hotel 3,75 ****
Kampot Dara Win Dinner Food Stall 2,50 ****
Kampot Food Stall Lunch Food Stall 1,67 ***
Kep Crab Market Lunch Food Stall 5,42 ****
Kep Botanica Guesthouse Breakfast Hotel 3,75 ****
Cambodia   5,60  

Drinks & Going Out

We had a drink almost every night, either a beer or a cocktail. This did not massively influence the budget… There again, we would like to recommend two places:

  • Riverside Balcony Bar in Battambang, on the banks of the river – a great place to enjoy excellent drinks at sunset.
  • Oh Neils in Kampot – their “Bloody Good Bloody Mary” will always be remembered, so their funky clientele of retired expats who choose this place to drink and smoke every night away…
City Bar
Type of Drink Type of
Drink (€)
(1 to 5 Stars)
Siem Reap The Red Piano Cocktails Tourist Bar 3,54 ***
Siem Reap Damnak Meas Beer Food Stall 1,67 ***
Siem Reap Golden Banana Cocktails Hotel 2,92 ****
Siem Reap Cafe Latino Beer Restaurant 0,83 ****
Battambang Lotus Bar Cocktails Bar 2,19 *
Battambang Riverside Balcony Bar Cocktails Bar 1,88 *****
Battambang River Cocktails Bar 2,50 *
Phnom Penh 88 Backpackers Cocktails Hotel 1,67 ****
Phnom Penh Elephant Bar Cocktails Hotel 8,33 ****
Kampot Oh Neils Cocktails Bar 2,50 *****
Kep Botanica Guesthouse Cocktails Hotel 2,92 ****
Total Cambodia 2,81  


See the part “How To Go Off The Beaten Track” in our Travel Guide To Cambodia.

To Type of Transport Distance
Travel Duration
Phnom Penh Around Phnom Penh Scooter 30 2 2,00
Phnom Penh Siem Reap Bus 320 5 5,00
Siem Reap Around Siem Reap Scooter 230 7 18,00
Siem Reap Around Siem Reap Car 170 5 20,00
Siem Reap Bangkok Plane 360 1 105,00
To Type of Transport Distance
Travel Duration
Siem Reap Sambor Pre Kuk Taxi 177 4
Sambor Pre Kuk Sra’Aem Taxi 265 6
Sra’Aem Samraong Taxi 260 5
Samraong Banteay Chhmar Taxi 90 2
Banteay Chhmar Battambang Taxi 140 3
Battambang Phnom Penh Taxi 310 6
Phnom Penh Kampot Bus 185 3 6,67
Kampot Kep Bus 25 1 2,50
Kep Can Tho Bus 221 9 13,33

Tours & Activities

You have plenty of options in Siem Reap, might it be a guide to visit the beautiful Angkor Temples (strongly recommended) or see Angkor from above. On the Coast as well, there are lots of possibilities to join numerous aquatic activities. Not a must-do though, except maybe in Kep, the Boat Tour from Carpe Diem was a true highlight, and not that expensive after all…

When you look at the graphic that compares what we spent on tours & activities on our Round The World Trip in 2008 and what we spent on the second trip in 2014, far more mid-range, you clearly see what impact these…

Splurge At Reasonable Costs?

True, mid-range guesthouses are significantly more expensive than hostels, but all in all you can find pleasant accommodation for a very reasonable price.

The same applies for restaurants, where you can enjoy really good food. Why not sample some international cuisine after a while, to accommodate your palate with something familiar?

Reduce Costs?

You can save a lot of money on accommodation in Cambodia, as the comparison between our trip in 2008 (Backpacking) and 2014 (Mid-Range) clearly shows.

Moreover, a great way to cut costs and to enhance your mobility and flexibility is to rent a scooter or a motorbike once in a specific area (especially in and around Siem Reap and on the Coast). There is no need to be a very experienced driver to tackle the road conditions there. Just be careful and do not overestimate your driving skills if riding a scooter is something new to you!

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