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Getting Along With Your partner

… Or Avoiding Divorce On The Road

Heidi & Gilles - Dinner in Colonia, Uruguay

Heidi & Gilles – Dinner in Colonia, Uruguay

We had read a few blogs addressing this issue before we started our Trip Around The World. These highlighted that the relationship (no matter if married or not) would undergo some serious challenges. It might sound surprising, but many couples split during Long Term Travels.

Even though we came prepared, it hit us. Why? Back home, you see your partner a few hours in the evening, on weekends and during vacations (interestingly enough, this is when most divorces originate). When on the road, you are together 24 / 7. Moreover, the lack of physical space (hostel rooms are small) make it difficult to create some kind of intimacy / space for yourself.

Yes, we did have quite a few strong (nasty?) arguments while on the road. Three times we decided to go our own way for a couple of days, once because we could not agreed on where to go next, twice because… Yes, take a vacation while traveling may also imply taking a break from your partner.

Audrey Scott from Uncornered Market wrote an excellent article on this subject: “How to Travel the World Together Without Killing Each Other”. You should read it both!

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