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Avoid the Overdose

How About A Vacation From Traveling?

South Sea Feelings, Fakarava Atoll, French Polynesia, Pacific

South Sea Feelings, Fakarava Atoll, French Polynesia, Pacific

No, we are not kidding! The first time we wrote about this on our website in 2007, people back home feared we had lost our minds. But do not underestimate the overdose of traveling. Traveling can be physically challenging, even frustrating. We often hesitated to spend the money on the kind of accommodation we felt like that night, or maybe it didn’t even exist. More than once we told ourselves “well it’s just for one night”. Spending nights in freezing or cramped busses or in airports takes its toll.

Besides, when traveling, you are permanently exposed to new impressions & experiences – some of them can be really strong ones. Often you don’t realize this right away. Your daily routine, our comfort zone, is mostly gone. The symptoms for an overdose become evident when you stop enjoying what you are doing: “ok, this is the 23rd temple, I already saw 22, what is the use of it”. Take a break, read a good book, watch a few good DVDs, cook for yourself, or write a few postcards back home (something unusual in our digital world) or sleep off your exhaustion.

Old Colonial City of Colonia, Uruguay

Old Colonial City of Colonia, Uruguay

In short: take a vacation from traveling! This is best done:

  • In a great hostel with a good homey feeling and great food
  • In a smaller city, where you feel familiar very quickly
  • In an area with a pleasant climate
  • In a place where you have either a good market (to be able to cook) or a good and cheap restaurant, where you can splurge a little
  • Where fast Internet access is available
  • And last but not least in a place where you might meet fellow travelers just to exchange travel stories and relax


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