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Floating Over Bagan’s 4.000 Temples

A Photo Essay

Pahto Dhammayangyi, Bagan, Myanmar

Pahto Dhammayangyi

A bird’s view of the temples of Bagan left us thunderstruck. Yes, these unforgettable 45 minutes in a hot air balloon cost 320 USD. But what can we say except: “Je ne regret rien”. Seeing Bagan from that perspective was definitely worth every cent, the experience of a lifetime. Besides, it is probably one of the best and most scenic places to have your first balloon flight…

As scheduled, the team picked us at 05:55 am – they work as precisely as a Swiss clock, it seems. Once our names were ticked off on a list, we were taken to the starting place, offered tea & coffee, and given a short safety briefing by our pilot, Milton. Then we could watch the team inflating the balloon with ventilators, and finally heating the air so that we balloon would start floating.

The whole flight was a string of artistic maneuverings that allowed everyone to get a perfect view of each temple, of every sight. That performance included going up to 700 feet and down as low as a few feet above the ground. These changing perspectives offered amazing views of the temples. During those 45 minutes, we glided over the whole of Bagan’s Archeological Zone, from north to south.

Back n the ground, we were invited for a cup of sparkling wine (or was it Champagne?) and had a nice exchange with Milton, our pilot: about his job and what it takes to bring everybody back safely. Our conclusion: safety in Bagan is taken very seriously!

Balloons Over Bagan, Bagan, Myanmar

Hot Air Balloon Flight with Balloons Over Bagan


Hot Air Balloon Flight


Hot Air Balloon Flight


Hot Air Balloon Flight 


Hot Air Balloon Flight 

Shwe Zi Gon Paya, Bagan, Myanmar

Shwe Zi Gon Paya


Hot Air Balloon Flight


Hot Air Ballon Flight


Hot Air Ballon Flight

Paya Buleti, Bagan, Myanmar

Paya Buleti

Sulamani Paya, Bagan, Myanmar

Sulamani Paya

Pahto Ananda, Bagan, Myanmar

Pahto Ananda


Sulamani Paya

Paya Shwesandaw, Bagan, Myanmar

Paya Shwesandaw


Hot Air Ballon Flight


Hot Air Ballon Flight


Hot Air Ballon Flight


Our Pilot Milton

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