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Farewell Oman In Style

L'Espace Guesthouse in Muscat, Sultanat of Oman, Arabic Peninsula

L’Espace Guesthouse in Muscat, Sultanat of Oman, Arabic Peninsula

In a palace – like mansion right on the beach we spent our last night in Oman. What made it even more exciting – it seemed to be our destiny: on our very first evening in Muscat, we could not find the way back to our guesthouse Lana Villa. Cruising around we noticed this impressive building, not knowing that we would move in two weeks later. L’espace Guesthouse is a grand oceanfront building with three terraces, a little garden and exquisite furnishing. Our room was the size of a suite and from our private terrace we could watch life on the oceanfront. Like everywhere in Oman a quiet affair, families relaxing on large carpets under the trees, the men busy with barbecuing. Later in the evening young men took over chatting and listening to music on their mobile phones.

A late evening walk took us to the end of our road, a dead end. Beyond was the most peaceful area, a promenade along an artificial lake leading to a small car-free plaza. A tiny kiosk with outdoor seating made it the perfect place to stop for tea and people watching.

Without trying to be melodramatic, we did not leave Oman easily.

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