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Dalai Lama Is Coming

Domchot at Likir Monastery or Likir Gompa, with monks singing all day long, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmnir, India

On our third day in Leh, the city was buzzing and eventually came to a standstill. The Dalai Lama is coming! Everybody was running down to the big roundabout near the petrol station – this is where the convoy had to pass through on the way from the airport to the Dalai Lama’s retreat Buddha Garden.

The place was packed. Locals in their best attire were holding flowers and incent sticks, tourists flashing their cameras and soldiers their rifles. The sun was blazing hot already in the morning and luckily it didn’t take long for the convoy to arrive.

We arrived so late that we had no chance of getting a good view of his holiness. Gilles got a glimpse of him waving. Heidi was not so lucky, only when the crowd started moving and stirring she realized HE had passed. But to be within two meters of such a highly respected person was more than we dreamed of…

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