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Ethiopia: Historical Route – A Selection Of 26 Pictures

Bet Giyorgis Rock-Hewn Church, Lalibela

Discovering Ethiopia’s great history – Over Easter 2011, we followed what has become known as the “Northern Historical Circuit”. This term subsumes unparalleled highlights: Bahir Dar and the Monasteries of Lake Tana, the Royal Palaces of Gonder, the Stelae in Axum & the Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela – Here you find a selection of 26 pictures from Ethiopia Continue Reading →

Ethiopia: Danakil Depression – A Selection Of 26 Pictures

Crater of the most active volcano in Africa with a permanent lava lake, Erta Ale, Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

An expedition of 6 days through the hottest spot on this planet – The lava lake of Erta Ale, one of the most active volcanoes on this planet; Dallol, a landscape of multi-colored hot springs and bizarre formations reminding of a coral reef; Endless caravans soundlessly leaving the village of Hamed Ale at the crack of dawn and trotting back late afternoon loaded with salt; The salt mine near Lake Asal and the very harsh working conditions of the Afars and Tigrians; Lake Asal’s vast salt plain with its surrounding rock formation – Here you find a selection of 26 pictures from Ethiopia (Danakil Depression) Continue Reading →

Ethiopia: Omo Valley – A Selection Of 25 Pictures

Bull-Jumping Ceremony, Hamer People, near Turmi, Lower Omo Valley

There are not many places like the Lower Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia on this planet! Where do you find so many different cultures and ethnic groups in a relatively small area who still cling to their traditional way of life? This is absolutely unique, even the “Birr for Photo” business – Here you find a selection of 25 pictures from Ethiopia (Lower Omo Valley) Continue Reading →