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Breath-Taking Delhi

In the streets of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

In the streets of Delhi…

Half an hour drive into New Delhi and the smell became nauseating, a kind of mixture between sulfur and exhaust fumes. We were bursting to ask our driver if this was the normal odor around midnight. But he had not uttered a word, nothing, since he met us at the airport, holding up a piece of paper with our names. He only pointed and grunted. We came to the conclusion that his speech was impaired and we did not want to embarrass him by making him speak. Luckily, he proved us wrong when he rattled off asking a policeman for directions. Our first lesson: don’t expect people to speak English…

At our hostel, the “K One One”, the manager presented With “It is the most quiet room”, the 3 x 3 meter cubicle, with en suite bathroom. Only from the we had a large roof terrace to ourselves with lots of pot plants, hammocks, deckchair, you name it… Despite the most pleasant ambience and temperature, the foul air forced us into our air-conditioned room. In the distance we could hear the honking of trucks. Obviously, tranquility is a luxury in New Delhi: this basic room went for a hefty 100 USD a night, with one transfer included!


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