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Al Mudayrib – A Myth

Al Mudayrib Oasis, Sultanat of Oman, Arabic Peninsula

Al Mudayrib Oasis, Sultanat of Oman, Arabic Peninsula

Without blinking we took a long detour, when our guidebook described Al Mudayrib as the most stunning oases in the region. Well, there was absolutely nothing worth coming such a long way… So we decided to admire what we had, a gigantic bulk of cars / trucks parked in front of a mosque. People had come from all around, even smaller villages, for Friday prayers. Via speakers the praying and singing was clearly audible outside.

Now we were ready for a bit of adventure and decided to cut across the edges of Wahiba Desert on a dirt road. Even locals could not give us directions as how to get to Al Wasil, the oasis where we were to meet the people of Nomadic Desert Camp. Determined, we used the only visible track and felt like true explorers.

Passing a small village, we could not resist strolling through its splendid gardens. So beautifully quiet! The sand swallowed our footsteps and all we could hear was the sound of water rushing along narrow channels. So we found it after all – the most stunning oasis.

And yes, we did make it to Al Wasil…


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