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Addis Ababa From Different Angles

In Addis Abeba

In Addis Abeba

Our 15 hours in Addis was packed with an incredible amount of activities and experiences. At least one hour was killed by fighting with a cab driver, who we thought was overcharging us. We had agreed on a price, then a girl joined us and she was also expected to pay the same price. Only when the police did not seem interested in the story of the driver did the matter slowly settle.

More time was wasted to find a place to sleep for a few hours. Our favorite, the La Source Guesthouse, was booked. Heidi roamed the area for a day room, but could find nothing for less than 50 USD. Finally, the receptionist at the La Source suggested the lovely, nearby Yeshi Guesthouse. This private home, a large bungalow set in a quiet garden, presented us with a first glimpse as how the Ethiopian middle class lives.

Naturally, Lucy at the National Museum was a must – visit, but sadly she was in the USA! Only a copy of the bones was on display. The taxi driver needed to call five friends to find the place. So we relied on our feet to get to the next museum, despite the light drizzle.

At the Ethnological Museum, the many traditions and customs of the various ethnic groups in the country were brought to life by a brilliant guide. An Italian dinner on Bole Street finished off a great day that had started so lousy. The ungodly departure time of 02:00 am allowed us to recharge our batteries at the Yeshi Guesthouse for a couple of hours. This was needed for the long trip back home…


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