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A Long Trip To Shiraz…

Sunset over Paris... view from an Airbus A320Holding on to a bottle of Jim Beam when boarding a plane would draw attention in any airport of this world. Doing so on the flight from Istanbul to Teheran gave us a sense of bad omen. The Iranian guy dropped in the seat behind us and nobody seemed to be bothered.

After 30 minutes waiting in our seat ready for takeoff, we were asked to be patient: a spare part was needed. The bit never came, we had to return to the terminal, a chilly place with shrill repeated announcements being screamed – all this at midnight. For Teheran Khomeini Airport the display at the gate point said: two hours 45 minutes delay. Soon another hour was added. People started stirring, Gilles decided to look for the management, to complain at 02:00 am. This little expedition brought us to the business lounge and we simply squatted this warm and friendly place with tons of food and free drinks. The perfect place to make friends and exchange travel plans and forget your anger.

Our local flight Teheran – Shiraz was gone, arriving 8 hours late. We went straight to the domestic airport and tried our luck. We expected the notorious traffic jams that Teheran is famous for, but maybe our streak of bad luck had ended and we zipped there in no time, got a flight that left within two hours. We were Shiraz-bound again. The little we saw of Teheran was not appealing, cube-like building of various height and conditions.

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