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Tofo: Beaches & Diving Up

Praia de Tofo, Tofo, Mozambique

Praia de Tofo, Mozambique

Every house and every shack is part of the tourist industry. Tofo offers all kinds of accommodation, although the backpackers all seem to huddle together at Fatima’s. You can get cheaper rooms with more comfort, but it is the social center of Tofo, not only for the backpackers.

The staff of the various diving centers and some locals gather around the pool table in the evening and this ambience is hard to beat. What really bothered us was the loud thumping music, sometimes even starting at breakfast time. It seemed the young staff decided over what’s playing by plugging their iPhones onto the stereo.

Praia de Tofo, Tofo

Praia de Tofo

Again nicer rooms can be found all around Tofo, especially in Tofinho (which kind of requires your own transport if you want to come into “town”), but the food is nowhere cheaper than at Fatima’s. There is even a kitchen to use, but hardly any pots, pans or plates, which is a pity, because buying seafood and vegetables at the market and cooking yourself is certainly the best option. Little stalls in Tofo sell any kind of alcohol that is ever required by tourists.

Praia de Tofo, Tofo, Mozambique

Praia de Tofo

Unless you are real into scuba diving, whale watching or a true beach bum, there is little less to do in Tofo. Casa Barry offers talks on marine life three times a week. They also have really comfortable “Casitas” with a kitchen and everything right above the beach for 2.000 Meticals in the off-season.

We asked the dive center why they don’t offer sunset cruises, just to watch the Humpback Whales. Their favorite time to jump and breech seems to be just around that time of the day. Well, habits are hard to break, this had not been done in the past so why start now?


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