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Street-Art in Jodhpur

Street-Art in the streets of the old city of Jodhpur

I wasn’t exactly expecting Street-Art when starting my third visit of Jodhpur, the laid-back, relaxed “Blue City” on the edge of the Thar Desert! I just recalled a maze of intertwined, narrow streets, where you would actually get lost however careful you were trying to keep somewhat of an orientation… Continue Reading →

Bogota – La Capital

Catedrl Primada, Plaza de Bolivar, Bogota, Colombia

Catedral Primada, Plaza de Bolivar

Bogota is a city that is hard to grasp at first sight: widespread, congested with heavy traffic, harboring a number of very diverse districts but no real “City Center”, with neighborhoods changing within a few blocks from posh districts to very poor, probably unsafe neighborhoods. Add to this high altitude (2.625 meters) and a very unstable, quickly changing weather with chilly nights, and you understand why it is not easy to really enjoy Bogota if you only have a few days at hand… To make matter worse, I am not found of large cities, when I travel, period! Continue Reading →