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Easy Driving in Zimbabwe

On the way from Beit Bridge to Bulawayo... Roads in Zimbabwe are excellent!

On the way from Beit Bridge to Bulawayo… Roads in Zimbabwe are excellent!

Driving in Zimbabwe is extremely easy: we averaged around 90 to 100 km/h on excellent roads linking major cities and our GPS found even tracks within National Parks. Traffic in rural areas is minimal and even in cities like Bulawayo or Harare, traffic jams are unknown. Only the roads leading directly towards border crossings with Zambia and South Africa are busy with trucks, very modern ones though, none of the puffing, diesel-spewing wrecks often seen in many African countries. Gasoline is available in all major cities, although you still can see the old signs saying Gasoline: “Yes” or “No”, but those days are gone. Price for a liter is around 1.3 USD. Continue Reading →