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Boyacá & Santander : Colonial Gems, Remote Villages & Adrenaline

Convento de los Franciscanos, Plaza Principal, Monguí, Boyacá, Colombia

Convento de los Franciscanos, Plaza Principal, Monguí, Boyacá, Colombia

Situated northeast of Bogota, this part of Colombia is more popular than ever, and for good reasons… I had already visited the most famous landmarks of this region back in 2009: Villa de Leyva, San Gil, Barichara & the Chichamocha Canyon. I wanted to go back, amongst others for photography, and actually found in 2016 that areas which were unknown or out of reach a few years back are opening fast and offer many different opportunities, well Off The Beaten Track. Continue Reading →

San Gil – La Tierra De Aventura


There is more challenging rafting down Rio Suarez, but Gilles wanted more, he reached for the sky. Tied to an instructor he took to the air over the ?Zona Tabaca? for about 20 minutes. This is the first time Heidi felt that she really missed out on something, because of her own mental limitations

Reaching for the Sky: tied to an instructor, Gilles took to the air over the “Zona Tabaca” for about 20 minutes

This rather unremarkable little town chose this high-flying title “the land of adventure”, because it attracts lots of tourists who sign up the various adrenaline-pumping activities. White water rafting ranging from a comfortable class 1 to a frightening class 5 is high on the agenda, followed by kayaking, caving, paragliding, abseiling, horseback riding, mountain biking, paint ball, bungee jumping and eco-walks are others we can remember. Continue Reading →