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Rajasthan 2023 – Photo Gallery

Jal Mahal, the “Water Palace”, Jaipur

Rajasthan has immensely changed since my first trip back in April 2012! The first thing that immediately stroke me was the mere fact that now tourism is mainly local. The most surprising fact was maybe how well organized & clean the major spots of Rajasthan now are. Only once we were back to Delhi had we the impression we had escaped this “sanitized experience”. Then, what were hidden gems 10 years back are now surrounded with 5 stars resorts full of SUVs, catering for the new middle / upper class of India discovering their own country. All in all? Rajasthan is far easier to travel than it once was, and quicker! Better infrastructure and improved organization make your life so much easier. Of course, it will appear less confusing and more “On the main touristic tracks” than it was 10 years ago. Continue Reading →

Budget Guide To Rajasthan (Updated)

Elephant and Rickshaws at Sardar Market, Jodhpur

One Of The Cheapest Places To Splurge A Little Or Upgrade Your Travel Style…

Type Of Travel

The 4 trips to Rajasthan were really different from one another, and this actually also shows in the budget spent:

  • During the first 2 trips (2012 & 2013), with limited time at hand (each time 12 days) and India being a rather cheap country, I opted against traveling low budget. Instead, I frequented “mid-range” hotels or Havelis and pleasant local restaurants. This trip could definitely have be done a lot cheaper than spending 44 and 48 Euros per person per day (this amount does not include the international flight or the visa fees).
  • For the last 2 trips (2015 & 2023), I went for the “upper mid-range” type of travel to ensure a nice level of comfort and enhance the mobility: nice Havelis or small Boutique hotels, nice restaurants, at times a car with driver… The budget almost doubled, not surprisingly.

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Holi Festival of Colors in Mathura and Vrindavan

Holi Festival of Colors in Shri Krishna Temple in Mathura

You thought you really experienced the “Holi Festival of Colors”, that heralds the arrival of spring, when Indians throw color onto each other and wish each other “Happy Holi”? Have you experienced the Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan and discovered the religious / spiritual part of this Hindu Festival? Continue Reading →