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Heidi – Kong Lo Cave

The Journey Is The Reward

On the way to the (floaded) 7 kilometer long Kong Lo Cave

On the way to the (floaded) 7 kilometer long Kong Lo Cave

After arriving in Khoum Khan late in the evening, I found a place to sleep and good company on top: a few Australians who also had arrived that day and wanted to go to Kong Lo Cave the following day. I was really relieved since my biggest worry was that I would have to pay for the entire transport to Kong Lo village and for the cave alone. Continue Reading →

Laos – My Most Favourite Bus Ride


On the way to Kong Lo Cave

“Quick, quick” said the lady when I asked for the bus to Khoum Khan at Vientane’s southern bus station and pushed me into a bus that was pulling out of the station. Gilles refused to join this excursion, but had set my mind and heart to visiting the spectacular 7 kilometer long Kong Lo Cave. Not just another random cave, but to see the cave, you take a boat along the river that goes all the way through the cave to the other side of the mountain… Continue Reading →