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Hmong New Year ’s Celebration

A Photo-Essay

Hmong New Year's Celebration - Phonsavanh, Laos

Hmong New Year’s Celebration – Phonsavanh, Laos

We arrived in Phonsavanh in the midst of the Hmong New Year’s celebration – to our great surprise!  This event seems to be widely unknown amongst Western visitors. On the first evening we missed the Bull Fights, so the next day we were determined to see the Festival on the edge of town. After a rough 12 kilometer drive, we reached what seemed to be a fair-ground, with various games going on, like throwing darts. Needless to say that serious karaoke singers were trying to out-do each other, a must at every social gathering in Laos. Again, no lack of food stalls serving cheap and delicious local food. Continue Reading →