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Aksum – Raiders Of The Lost Ark?


The Great Stele, Main Stelae Field, Aksum, Ethiopia, Africa

Aksum changed A LOT in 5 years… This sleepy town, quite Off The Beaten Track 5 years ago, is now on the itinerary of all travel agencies, and you will meet large tour groups in all better hotels & restaurants in town. The good news is: there are so many things to do and see in and around Aksum that you will more often than not only see very few tourists during the day… Continue Reading →

Following The Cattle Via The Mill

Cattle Market, Aksum, Ethiopia

Cattle Market, Aksum, Ethiopia

Endless caravans of farmers with their goats, cows, sheep and what not were passing by the Queen of Sheba Pool. Some walking with only one animal, others had small herds. To control the goats more easily, many were tied together around one leg, making them to move rather awkwardly. We quickly figured that it must cattle market day and joined the procession. Continue Reading →

Queen Of Sheba’s Swimming Pool

Mai Shum, Queen of Sheba's Swimming Pool, Aksum, Ethiopia

Mai Shum, Queen of Sheba’s Swimming Pool, Aksum, Ethiopia

One morning we hung out at the Queen of Sheba Swimming Pool. Not that the very queen ever did her laps here. The huge basin full of rain water has always served the locals for washing clothes and bodies, as an elderly woman perfectly described through gestures. Continue Reading →

Axum’s Stelae

The Great Stele, Main Stelae Field, Aksum, Ethiopia

The Great Stele, Main Stelae Field, Aksum, Ethiopia

What has put Axum on the tourist radar goes beyond Christian times. Superbly carved Stelae from those times still point 35 meters into the sky. Then they marked the tombs of royalty and nobility. Continue Reading →

Aksum: Raiders Of The Lost Ark?

The Tombs of King Kaleb, Aksum, Ethiopia

The Tombs of King Kaleb, Aksum, Ethiopia

Listen to Ethiopians and you come to believe that pretty much everything started and happened in Aksum…

  • The capital city of the Queen of Sheba? Aksum!
  • The present hiding place of the Ark of Covenant? Aksum!

Continue Reading →