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Kazimierz – The Old Jewish Quarter

Kazimierz, Cracow, Poland

Our definite favourite in Cracow! Every inch of this quarter breathes history, never before have we seen so many synagogues in such a small area. Walking around Kazimierz for hours filled us with tones of different impressions.

The main street in Kazimierz is Szeroka Street or “wide street”, once the centre of Jewish life and culture. Yes, there was a time when this quiet neighbourhood was the most prestigious residential street inhabited by the wealthiest Jews.

Nowadays, Kazimierz is packed with trendy bars and restaurants where visitors can rest their sore feet. We tried various dishes at the excellent Restaurant Ester, especially Jewish Ashkenazy cuisine.

In the evening, the area fills up with young locals who all exhibit a bit of a bohemian touch. One evening we met there with Gosia, a teacher from Cracow, who Heidi had professional ties with in the past. Kazimierz definitely seems the right place to enjoy a good night out!

Jewish Cemetery of Cracow, Poland

Jewish Cemetery of Cracow, Poland

Jewish Cemetery of Cracow, Poland

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