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Gilles at the hospital in Leh, Ladakh

Gilles at the hospital in Leh, Ladakh

Be realistic: at some point, on a Round The World, you WILL get sick. Usually it is only a cold or an upset stomach. But accidents happen and sometimes even a trip to the hospital is necessary. A Travel Insurance costs a few hundred Euros, paying for medical care after a nasty accidents can literally cost millions. So do not be stupid: you NEED a Travel Insurance, and a good one at that!

Credit cards

Many credit cards offer very good travel insurance, but those are limited to 90 days of travel. Some credit card providers allow the coverage to be extended up to 6 months. This is the case in Austria. So you want to check into that.

Moreover, some Travel Insurances do not cover specific destinations. We heard of travelers who had a challenging time finding an insurance covering Iran. Credit Cards usually have no such limitations or restrictions.

Travel Insurance

Those still were the lucky days in 2007 – 2008. When we did our Trip Around The World, Austrian credit cards had no such limitations. During the entire 12 months, we were covered by our credit cards. On top of that, we were covered by our regular national health insurance.

Now those days are gone. For future trips carrying over more than 6 months, a Travel Insurance from World Nomad Travel Insurance is what we will do. We haven’t experienced them yet, but they are highly recommended by most travel bloggers.


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