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Empty Shelves in Mlibizi

Road crossing Matopos or Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe, Africa

We spotted the supermarket right away when we pulled into Mlibizi… Not that there are many other buildings! Eager to buy supplies for dinner we found mainly empty shelves. This is what it must have been like until 2009. All that was available was cleaning material, but hardly any food. We grabbed the last 3 beer bottles, proudly walking away with our little prey. Even the ladies at the little market nearby had nothing to sell but dried fish and cabbage. Nevertheless, they had an advice: “Ask the lady at Mlibizi Resort”. True enough, the manager’s wife provided us with the ingredients for our spaghetti sauce, all for free. She also explained the empty shelves: once goods are available, people simply buy them and store them.

Zimbabwe-150At the scenic Mlibizi resort, conveniently located right next to the ferry dock, we spent the night high up in our roof tent. Its nice bungalows were tempting, but for 35 USD per person, we climbed up that little metal ladder and squeezed in. Spacious and generous was the ablution block, as this longish concrete block of showers and toilets is called all over Zimbabwe’s camp grounds. Nevertheless, all six toilets and six showers remained unused and probably had been for a long time: big spiders had spun their webs all over the place…

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