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A Selection Of My Best Landscape Pictures

Sulphure Rock Formations, Dallol, Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

Traveling through Asia, Africa & South America, I had the chance to discover and experience some of the most breathtaking Landscapes on this planet, an incredible opportunity for amazing pictures. But not all the pictures of Landscape I especially like were made in “unique places”: more often than not, the right light, the right composition, the right idea enabled me to shoot some of the nicest pictures I have ever made (in my opinion).

The most important aspect for Landscape Photography is the light, which means early morning and late afternoon… Yes, you will sleep in another day! Also do not hesitate to break the “rules”, for instance using a Tele-Lens for Landscape Photography! I could get some really nice results doing so…

It is always a challenging moment for a photographer to select his best pictures. It is even more difficult when you have so many different subjects and when you took those pictures in so many different places… Well, I decided to go for this challenge! Here you find the 36 Landscape Pictures I prefer in my portfolio.


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