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A Selection Of My Best Portraits

Holi Festival, when Indus celebrate the beginning of Spring, by throwing coloured water and gulal (powder) at anyone within range, Bundi, Rajasthan, India

Holi Festival, Bundi, Rajasthan, India

Discovering new cultures and different lifestyles is definitely one of the highlights when traveling. For me, shooting Portraits of those different cultures too! This is all the more true since traditional ways of life are disappearing at a devastating speed, replaced by a standardized, uniformed way of life. Will we all wear the same Jeans, the same T-Shirts and the same Sneakers soon? Probably! This is also why I try to travel to more remote areas, where people still stick to their culture & traditions.

At first sight, (Travel) Photography and especially Portraits can be considered intrusive and a barrier for establishing any kind of contacts with local populations and different cultures. My experience is nonetheless (at least partly) very different! If used with sensibility, and as a way to share something, Portraits can create opportunities of exchanges with people met at a market or on the streets or on a path during a trek…

In my first years as a Travel Photographer, Portraits were a really frustrating experience, and the result was almost always far bellow my actual experience and even further from my expectations. Sounds familiar? This is why I wrote an article about Improving Your Travel Pictures at Markets, as Markets often offer great opportunities.

It is always a challenging moment for a photographer to select his best pictures. It is even more difficult when you have many different subjects and when you took those pictures in so many different places… Well, I decided to go for this challenge! Here you find the 38 Portraits I prefer in my portfolio.



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