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A Selection Of My Best Wild Life Pictures

Southern Right Whale (Eubalaena australis) or Ballena Franca Austral, Peninsula Valdez National Park, Northern Patagonia, Argentina, South America

Southern Right Whale, Peninsula Valdez National Park, Argentina

More often than not, Wild Life Photography is associated with Safaris in Africa, looking for some nice shots of the “Big 5”. Nonetheless, opportunities are numerous on all continents. Actually, in my experience, some of the best Wild Life Pictures can even be made in lesser known destinations…

Besides chance (you will need some for Wild Life) and a LOT of patience, Wild Life Photography requires both some investments (you will need a strong Tele-Lens, and those are expensive) and quite a bit of technique, as conditions are seldom the ones you need for the “perfect picture”.

It is always a challenging moment for a photographer to select his best pictures. It is even more difficult when you have so many different subjects and when you took those pictures in so many different places… Well, I decided to go for this challenge! Here you find the 27 Wild Life Pictures I prefer in my portfolio.



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