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Glimpses of Bali: A Selection of 40 Pictures

Popular Swing on the Beach at Sunset in Gili Air

Bali is a popular destination, deservedly! Stunning beaches, evergreen rice terraces, high volcanoes, spiritual and nonesuch temples, colorful markets, overloaded motorbikes, … This on an island incredibly easy to travel, catering for all budget, and offering pleasant experiences for high-end honey-mooners and hardcore backpackers, first-time Asia tourists and experienced travelers, beach-bums and culture-avid discoverers alike.

It is also the ideal place to travel with a young baby, and our 9 month old Jules turned into a local Rock Star and a gate opener in many situations. If you want a first experience as new parents, then Bali should definitely be top of your list!

That said, photographing and being the father of a 9 month old are not especially compatible. True, we could discover quite a few places in Bali, but definitely not the more remote and probably not the most photogenic ones. And forget about being at the right place at the right time, priorities are simply somewhere else… Without talking about the challenges you encounter to have an adequate equipment with you. Choose between baby bottle and photography gears (well, I promise, you won’t ;-). This is partly why in my Gallery, you find for the first time 2 iPhone pictures…

Nonetheless, there are quite a few nice photos to be shot… Here you find a selection of 40 pictures. But do not be mistaken, I do not mean in any way that it represents Bali. Those are some nice random shots, taken whenever I could. Given those challenges, the result is in my humble opinion decent… Showing the potential Bali offers!

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