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A Budget Guide To Independently Chasing The Northern Lights In Norway

Bergsbotn, with a view of Bergsfjord, Senja, Northern Norway

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Norway is as expensive as it gets, and since we were in the middle of the Artic winter, we decided against roughing it in any way… We chose rather comfortable hotels (especially in Senja), we rented a car in Senja (which actually saved us a lot of money), and last but not least, we went on several local tours (a significant chunk of our budget). All in all, this led to a horrendous total cost, the highest (average travel cost per person per day) of all my trips altogether! Continue Reading →

A Few Glimpses Of Crete

Toplou Monastery, Eastern Creta, Greece

Toplou Monastery, Eastern Crete

Crete: Antique & Recent Cultural Highlights, Beautiful Landscapes And A Paradise For Gourmets!


We chose Crete because we wanted to rest & relax and have some descent weather without spending too long on a plane beginning of November. Maybe even more important, we did not want to be tempted to spend the whole time traveling and visiting and discovering during the 9 days we had at hand (ever heard of travel Stakhanovism? Yes, that’s a bit us…)

There is not much to do in Crete, we thought… The ideal place for some lazy and quiet vacations without missing unique places… Right? How wrong! Continue Reading →

Ibiza – So Different From What I Expected!

Ibiza from the Taxi-Boat, Ibiza

Ibiza from the Taxi-Boat

Yes, Ibiza took me by surprise! I must acknowledge there that going to Ibiza was not my top priority, as I associated this Balearic Island with little else than mass tourism, wild parties with loads of alcohol & other substances and electronic music… But a friend raved about it and I found very cheap flights, good enough a reason to spend 5 days there in June 2016.

Both the Old Town of Eivissa (the Catalan name of Ibiza) and large portions of the island are actually UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and thus protected from developers’ greed! Continue Reading →

Travel Guide To Bulgaria

Rila Monestary, also called "Bulgaria’s Jerusalem”, Bulgaria, Europe

Rila Monestary, also called “Bulgaria’s Jerusalem”, Bulgaria, Europe

In August 2010, we spent 17 days in Bulgaria. Our main destinations were: Melnik & Rozhen, Rila Monastery, Plovdiv & Bachkovo Monestary, Veliko Tarnovo, Kazanlak & Tryavna, Belogradchik & Vidin, and last but not least Sofia. Our most sensible advice: if you can, visit Bulgaria in spring or fall. The temperatures in August were just too much. We NEVER had a day with less than 34 degrees Celsius, and it was no comfort that locals told us that these were unusually high temperatures. In Plovdiv, the mercury scale even reached 41 degrees (106 degrees Fahrenheit). Continue Reading →

Bulgaria – Budget Guide

Old Lada, on the way to Melnik, Bulgaria, Europe

Old Lada, on the way to Melnik, Bulgaria, Europe

For this trip we chose a far more comfortable way of travelling than usual – first of all we stayed only 17 days, secondly the temperatures were oppressing and above all, the prices incredible cheap. So we rented a car, stayed in mid-range and sometimes even at Boutique Hotels. And of course, we tested the Bulgarian food to the limits, usually accompanied by local wine. Continue Reading →

Sophia – The Very Capital

Banya Bashi Mosque, Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe

Banya Bashi Mosque, Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe

We were not sure what to expect from Sophia and very positively surprised by the walk able center, the parks, the museums, the many cafes and above all The National Gallery with its amazing paintings. Continue Reading →

Dancing The Night Away At Belogradchik

Roman Kaleto Fortress and the massive Rock Formations near Belogradchik, Northwest Bulgaria, Euope

Roman Kaleto Fortress and the massive Rock Formations near Belogradchik, Northwest Bulgaria, Euope

Repeatedly Bulgarian tourists we met on this trip raved about the bizarre rock formations and the Roman fortress in Belogradchik. We were a bit sceptical, but since we were right there, at the foothills of the Balkan Mountains in northwest Bulgaria, we gave it a try. Besides the very name, Belogradchik, was so intriguing, so very “Balkanic”. Continue Reading →