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La Semana Santa In Andalusia – A Selection Of 55 Pictures

Nazarenos, in the streets of Cordoba

Andalusia is surely one of the cultural highlights when visiting Spain, if not Europe! A crossroad between Christianity & Islam during centuries, it is a subtle blend of both European & Arabic cultures. The Alhambra in Granada, the Mezquita in Cordoba & the Alcazar in Sevilla, only to name the most famous highlights, belong to the most magnificent buildings in Europe and in the world.

But experiencing this region during the Semana Santa, the Holy Week before Easter, was an even greater experience, something profoundly intriguing, disturbing, and fascinating. The numerous Processions we witnessed were absolutely bewildering. I honestly did not expect to experience something so stunning and so immensely different within Europe!

This week was surely one of the most unique experiences of the 2.5 years I spent traveling during the last 15 years, and will rank into the highlights of all my trips. It should be on anyone’s Bucket List!

Here you find a selection of my preferred 55 pictures of this trip (and it was a tough choice, as I could have selected hundreds of them…)


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