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A Budget Guide To Sicily

Spiaggia de Cefalé or Beach of Cefalú

Type Of Travel

Sicily was our first travel destination with our newly born baby (at the time of travel, Jules was just 3.5 months), so we went on the safe side: direct flight, car rental from a reputable company right in the airport, and hotels or guesthouses where we would be sure to have all we need. That definitely means extra-costs! And yes, we definitely enjoyed Sicilian cuisine, went to some really pleasant restaurants and sampled some nice Sicilian wine…




Itinerary & Time Of The Visit

We spent 9 days in Sicily, and with only that much at hand, we decided to focus on some of the highlights on the eastern part of the island: we spent 2 nights in Cefalù, 1 night in Taormina, 3 nights in Syracuse, 1 night in Ragusa and last but not least 2 nights in Agrigento.


Global Budget

Costs per Person per Day in € 2018
Long Distances’ Transport €   36,50
Short Distances’ Transport €     0,00
Total Transport €   36,50
Hotels €   41,80
Restaurants & Food €   35,80
Drinks & Going Out €   12,20
Every Day Life €     0,00
Total Living €   89,80
Visits & Tours €     3,50
Activities €     0,00
Total Tours & Activities €     3,50
Total Sicily: € 129,80


Guesthouses & Hotels

We chose centrally located (for the needs of the itinerary) hotels and guesthouses, where we would be sure to have all we need with a baby. And we splurged at some places, so yes, this was a big chunk of budget, but the price / quality ratio was definitely good, and some of the guesthouses (for instance in Ragusa) were outstanding!

City Hostel / Hotel
Type of
per Night (€)
(1 to 5 Stars)
Cefalù Mia Guesthouse Guesthouse 77,70 ****
Taormine Hotel Ariston and Palazzo Santa Caterina Hotel 106,00 ***
Syracuse B&B Five Room Guesthouse 85,00 ****
Raguse B&B Giardino Di Pietra Guesthouse 75,30 *****
Agrigente Villa La Lumia B&B Guesthouse 80,50 ****
Total Sicily 83,60  


Restaurants, Food & Drinks

Sicily simply offers amazing food, and this is a part of the trip to anywhere in Italy. We spent a lot of time in various restaurants, and sampled some fantastic Sicilian cuisine and wines. Of course, it had a price, but price / quality ratio is great!

City Restaurant
Type of Meal Type of
Food (€)
(1 to 5 Stars)
Cefalu Ti Vitti Pizzeria Lunch Restaurant 13,00 ***
Valguarnera Caropepe Osteria Al Canale Lunch Restaurant 29,00 *****
Santa Maria La Scala Trattoria La Grotta Lunch Restaurant 23,00 ****
Siracusa Fratelli Burgio Lunch Restaurant 22,50 *****
Mirzamemi Il Borgo Lunch Restaurant 26,50 ***
Modica A Putia Ro Vinu Lunch Restaurant 14,25 **
Vittoria Sikelia Lunch Restaurant 13,00 ***
Agrigento Siculo Lunch Restaurant 9,00 ****
Agrigento Villa La Lumia B&B Diner Bed & Breakfast 35,00 ****
Castelvetrano La Pineta Lunch Restaurant 21,00 *****
Total Sicily 20,63  


City Bar
Type of Drink Type of
Drink (€)
(1 to 5 Stars)
Cefalu Ti Vitti Pizzeria Bottle of Wine Restaurant 20,00 **
Valguarnera Caropepe Osteria Al Canale Bottle of Wine Restaurant 25,00 *****
Santa Maria La Scala Trattoria La Grotta Bottle of Wine Restaurant 8,00 ****
Siracusa Enoteca Solaria Glass of Wine Bar 5,00 *****
Siracusa Fratelli Burgio Bottle of Wine Restaurant 14,00 ****
Siracusa Sunset Ortigia Cocktail Bar 7,00 *****
Mirzamemi Il Borgo Glass of Wine Restaurant 5,00 ***
Vittoria Sikelia Glass of Wine Restaurant 5,00 ***
Agrigente Siculo Glass of Wine Restaurant 4,00 ****
Castelvetrano La Pineta Bottle of Wine Restaurant 18,00 ****



Since Sicily was the first travel destination with our newly born baby, we went on the safe side and rented a car from a reputable company right in the airport. This means significant extra costs.

Nonetheless, there seams to be almost no ways around renting a car in Sicily if you want to really discover the island and its various highlights in a reasonable time frame.

Also, we read several blog posts describing some apocalyptical road conditions & driving habits in Sicily. True, it was at times slightly uncomfortable, with people driving excessively fast and aggressively or excessively slow, but all in all driving is not that challenging in Sicily and road conditions are good. This is nothing in comparison with driving in other continents like Africa or Asia, believe me! But yes, local drivers can be nerve wrecking, sometimes…

From To Distance
Travel Duration
Palermo Airport Cefalù 105 01:25
Cefalù Taormine 220 02:40
Taormine Syracuse 120 01:30
Syracuse Raguse 90 01:25
Raguse Agrigente 115 02:05
Agrigente Palermo Airport 180 02:10
Total Sicily 830 11:15


Tours & Activities

With an baby, this was not our priority…


Splurge At Reasonable Costs?

There is a great range of really nice guesthouses that are not absurdly expansive. It was a very pleasant part of this trip. Food is also amazing in Sicily, and you should treat yourself with some fine local cuisine and nice wines at some point. And the good news is: this is not necessarily expensive!


Reduce Costs?

Sicily is no budget destination, but you can definitely travel on a completely different budget, if you rent a car from a less known company, if you save on accommodation and especially on food, which was a significant chunk of our budget (but worth it!).



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