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Southwest Rajasthan – Budget

In the streets of Bundi, Rajasthan, India

In the streets of Bundi, Rajasthan, India

Like on our first trip to Rajasthan in 2012, we opted against travelling low budget. Instead we chose “mid-range” hotels and restaurants. This trip could definitely be done a lot cheaper than spending 40 Euros per person per day (which does not include the international flight nor the visa fees), but allowed us to enjoy some incredible comfort.


In all three cities, Udaipur, Bundi & Pushkar, we stayed in Havelis, former homes of noblemen. There, we enjoyed a great atmosphere and good comfort for 33 Euros per night on average.


Again we splurged and sampled delicious meals three times at day, mainly at our hotels, because the other restaurants – if there were any – did not come close in quality. Only in touristy Pushkar did we venture out for lunch once in a while to sample real pizza, vegetarian of course. In Udaipur we even spent a whole day lazing at the pool of the luxurious Shiva Niwas Palace starting with a sumptuous breakfast and staying on for a late lunch, princely service included. For all this, we spent only 12,5 Euros per person per day. We almost had no alcoholic drinks though, which quickly add to the bill.


The first leg within India we flew, from Delhi to Udaipur, but otherwise we travelled by train, always in the highest available class (twice First AC and once Second AC). So guess how much the entire train journey: Udaipur – Bundi, Chittorgarh – Ajmer Junction & Ajmer Junction – Delhi was? An incredible 48 Euro per person!

Such categories must be booked in advance, which can be done very conveniently (the registering can be challenging) through an Online Reservation System.

Twice we chartered a taxi, once from Udaipur to visit the fortress of Kumbhalgarh and the Jain temple in Ranakpur and once from Bundi to Chittorgarh, our unforgettable trip with Kukki to see ancient rock art. Each trip lasted way into the afternoon and was around 35 Euro each.

Within cities, auto rickshaws are the best option, especially once you have an idea of what the price is. Some are equipped with meters, but those are pure décor, at least for tourists.

Activities and entrance fees

Do not underestimate these expenses! Entrance fees always come for locals and for foreigners. It added 60 Euro per person to our budget, for the entire trip though. But this is what you come for, to visit all the sights.


You could spend tons of money in India! Staying in one of the former palaces of a Maharaja can be done for a few hundred dollars a night! Take home some beautiful handicrafts, carpets, jewelry, colorful Indian style clothes, saris, scarves… What really tempted us were miniature paintings and plates with inlay-work done from semi-precious stone. What kept us from buying those was that we had not the slightest clue of what a realistic price or these things was.

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