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Markets Around The World – A Selection Of 40 Pictures

A Photo Essay on Markets in Africa, Asia, the Middle-East and South America

Bac Ha Sunday Market, North Vietnam

Bac Ha Sunday Market, North Vietnam

No matter where I travel, I immensely enjoy visiting markets. Many of them, especially in Africa & in Asia, but also in the Middle East & in South America, are an assault on your senses: colorful and at times disorientating, aromatic or even intoxicating, vibrant and eventually hectic places… But this is where “the real life” can be found, so different from touristic highlights (though some markets have turned extremely popular in the last years, also amongst tour groups…)

Here you find a selection of 40 pictures I took at markets in Asia (China, Myanmar, Vietnam & India), in Africa (Ethiopia & Senegal), in the Middle-East (Oman) & in South America (Colombia & Bolivia).



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