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American Bombs, Phonsavanh, LaosUXO – The aftermath of America’s Secret War

The horrible consequences of a war that was officially never fought. The great lies of American politics in Laos.




GrandEscapades-FixParts-203Working in Hell – Life in the Mines of Potosi (Part 1 & Part 2)

Discovering the working conditions of the “Minero del Diabolo” was one of the strongest – and toughest – Travel Experiences ever…




GrandEscapades-FixParts-209Tourism on Rapa Nui

The impact that tourism can have on a country… After us being part of this problem, we started to address this and will continue to do so in the future




GrandEscapades-FixParts-208The Rwandan Genocide (now on

A masterpiece that depicts one of the darkest periods of recent history… Traveling through Rwanda 20 years after the genocide we wondered every day how people can forgive their neighbor and cope with this tragedy.




Bush Pub on a very remote Pacific Island, Atiu, Cook IslandsHomebrew in the Bush Pub

Finally something light-hearted… Discovering the “Bush Pub” on a very remote Pacific Island – A very special experience!

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