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In the streets of Bundi, Rajasthan, IndiaRound The World Budget

Money matters, doesn’t it? Our entries on budgets turned out to be the most popular ones on our websites. The budget overview for our Trip Around The Word became an all time hit, as well as one of the pages where visitors spend the most time.



GrandEscapades-Heidi&Gilles-101Who we are?

Believe it or not, a lot of folks are very interested in us. We enjoy the attention…





Why, we can only guess. Bolivia really drew us in and this is most likely reflected in our texts. Other reasons? A lack of such-in-depth information about Bolivia, maybe?




Rock-Hewn Churches of LalibelaEthiopia

Ethiopia has turned into the most popular country, from the moment we put the Travel Reports & Photos online three years ago till today. With good reasons! These two trips were simply out of this world and if we asked the famous question: “What is your favorite country?” Ethiopia would rank amongst our favorites.




Though we spent seven months in South America during our Trip Around The World in 2007, we left out Colombia, because we thought – yes, we hardly dare to say that – it was dangerous. In 2009 we made up this gross prejudices and spend seven weeks travelling this jewel of South America.

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