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Further Down The Road…

I currently do not intend to be a professional Travel Blogger. I created this website to share my passion for Travel and for Travel Photography. This is why I do not publish with a precise schedule, I do not spend nights on Social Medias or writing guest posts to create backlinks for Google, … Nevertheless, this new website starts finding some regular audience after only 12 months of existence…

  • I currently count approx. 2.500 Unique Visitors per months (increasing fast),
  • My Facebook Page has won 750 followers in this period and reaches regularly more than 1.000 people for new posts
  • My Twitter Account counts more than 4.500 followers
  • My Instagram Account, though quite new, is followed by more than 750 people
  • My YouTube channel is too neglected, but one video on Iran almost reached 4.000 views

Yes, I am (slowly) catching up …

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