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When I first thought of creating a website for our Trip Around The World in 2007,, I never imagined that it would become so successful and popular! 8 years later, we crossed the threshold of 110.000 Visitors with approx. 350.000 Pages Impressions, who spent altogether over 6.300 hours on my website (Source: Google Analytics).

I regularly contributed on the biggest Travel Forum, the Lonely Planet Thorntree and am proud to have produced some of the most popular posts there:

  • „Round The World Budget“ was read more than 5.500 (!!!) times,
  • „2 weeks in Oman – Our Experience“ over 4.300 times,
  • „2 weeks in Bulgaria – Our Experience“ altogether over 4.000 times,
  • “Kashmir & Ladakh – Many Highlights Without Trekking” over 2.000 times

The most visited countries on my website? Right after our RTW, it was by far Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru & Laos, followed by Easter Island, Cambodia, Brazil, China & Argentina… Within the last two years, other countries joined the ranks: especially Ethiopia, but also Oman, Colombia, Zimbabwe & Uganda, while Bolivia, Peru & Argentina still get lots of hits. Interestingly also, the chapters on budget and how to go about preparing a Trip Around The World are still among those that draw the most visitors.

Where do my fans come from? Almost 30% of the visitors come from the USA, followed by Great Britain, Canada and Australia. My home countries, Austria & France only account for about 8% of the total traffic.

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