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Grand Escapades’ Budget Guide To Uganda

Simply Overpriced!

Public Transport at Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

Type Of Travel

The type of travel you choose in Uganda will have a direct and significant impact on your travel budget:

  • Either you decide to go on a Safari type of experience, and Uganda will be one of the most expensive countries you can experience, actually much more expensive than other Safari destinations like South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe or parts of Tanzania
  • Or you decide to ignore the National Parks and focus on the actual country, and you can discover Uganda on a tight budget.

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Uganda 2017 – A Selection Of 50 Pictures

Chimpanzee (Pan Troglodytes), Kibale Forest, Uganda

I visited Uganda twice. In August 2011, during 2 weeks, I discovered the string of National Parks in western Uganda, starting with Lake Bunyonyi, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elisabeth National Park, Kibale Rain Forest, Semliki National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and last but not least Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. The 3rd week, I spent in Jinja.

In January 2017, I spent 2 weeks and refocused on the National Parks I preferred most (except Bwindi, as I went Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda): Lake Bunyonyi, Queen Elisabeth National Park, Kibale Rain Forest, Murchison Falls National Park & Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Continue Reading →


Mixed Feelings About Murchison Falls National Park

Rothschild Giraffe or Ugandan Giraffe

During my first trip to Uganda back in August 2011, I had an outstanding experience at Murchison Falls National Park: both game drives & the boat trip to the falls offered excellent wildlife watching opportunities. I came back with a few excellent pictures and found memories.

So I went back with high expectations! Maybe too high, actually… The second visit to Uganda’s most famous National Park in January 2017 was actually good, but somehow, the premium prices that are now common in Uganda’s National Parks are no longer in line with the experience offered. Continue Reading →


Chimpanzees Habituation In Kibale Forest

Chimpanzee (Pan Troglodytes), Kibale Forest, Uganda

I went twice Chimpanzees Tracking on my previous trip to Uganda back in summer 2011, once in Kibale Forest and once in Budongo Forest – And honestly had mixed feelings about this experience, as we had only poorly seen Chimpanzees. When I heard about the newly introduced Chimpanzees Habituation, I turned curious. True, it is an expensive undertaking (225 USD for the day), but what an experience! Local agencies do not push this opportunity, and that’s a real shame, but you definitely should insist and choose this option, in my opinion almost as stunning as Gorillas Tracking.

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Tracking Mountain Gorillas

Tracking the Isabukuru Gorilla Family, Parc National des Volcans, Rwanda

I had already tracked Mountain Gorillas in Uganda back in Summer 2011, but somehow I wanted to live this unique experience once again. This was actually one of my main motivations to go back to Rwanda & Uganda in January 2017. And yes, even a second time it is pure magic, a very privileged hour spent with those majestic creatures in their natural habitat… An experience that should be high on anyone’s list!

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Is It Worth Visiting Queen Elisabeth National Park?

Disappointing Game Drives But Scenic Cruise On Kazinga Channel

Lion (Pantera Leo)

At the western end of Uganda, Queen Elisabeth National Park is considered a “must-do” on most itineraries through Uganda’s National Park. But for the very pleasant and scenic boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel, I found it grossly overrated, especially considering the extravagant prices now asked for by Uganda agencies…

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Ayutthaya & Chiang Mai – A Few Glimpses Of Thailand’s Grand History

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand offers one of the most remarkable cultural heritages in the world, remains of a grand history and a powerful civilization that shaped Southeast Asia. Two of the places where you can dive into this glorious past are Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai.

Both are highly popular places, and it is at times challenging to escape large crowds of organized tours. It is nonetheless possible to partly do so and have a pleasant experience at both places. Continue Reading →


Thailand’s World Famous Beaches – Discovering Koh Lanta & Railay Beach

Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Thailand is famous for its stunning beaches and islands, and most of them are not exactly a hidden secret… It is even partly mass tourism at its worst! Nonetheless, you can still have an enjoyable time there, relaxing after discovering other parts of Thailand or even of Southeast Asia. My personal experience showed both sides: when Koh Lanta was actually a pleasant moment, Railay Beach proved to be one of the worst places I ever visited in my life. Continue Reading →